Professional Staff

Our professional staff continues to grow, providing extensive and comprehensive coverage of all technical fields

JUN KAJINAMI, Executive Director of Prosecution, joined us in February 1998. He graduated from the EngineeringDepartment of the University of Tokyo and became a patent attorney in 1998 upon joining us. He qualified as afirst class data processor and, after 18 years of working on the development of electriconically controlledtransmissions at Nissan Diesel, possesses abundant knowledge of control technology. Accordingly, we first utilizedhis skills in our Electrical Department, but he moved to the Mechanical Department where his experience inresearch and development in the private sector is invaluable. His study tour in Washington D.C was regrettably cutshort by the events of September 11, but he intends to return to the U.S. to continue his studyof U.S. patentpractice. He is also a member of both AIPPI and APAA, where he can be frequently found attending annualmeetings In his leisure time, Mr Kajinami not only enjoys watching baseball (Tokyo Giants) and soccer (UrawaReds) on TV, but he also plays short stop on a softball team. He seems to be a fairly good golf enthusiast as well.Perhaps his recent venture into yoga helps his golf game a bit.

KAZUHIRO OHYA,Managing Directorof our Chemical Department, worked for a famous  pharmaceutical companyfor 10 years before joining us in February 2004. He worked 5 of those years  in product development and the  other 5 in the IP Department. He received a Master's Degree in  Agrochemical Research from Tohoku University in1994 after specializing in Nutritional Science at university. He passed the bar in 2001. Although he played rugby  atcollege level, he is limited to going to the gym on weekends now. However, he seems to be lookingfor some  otherkind of sports  activity to help him cope with the stress of dealing with chemical matters all day.

MASAAKI SAKANOUEjoined our Trademark Department in 2004 after working for Seiko Instruments,  Inc.,manufacturer of watches, electronics and industrial products. He graduated from the Faculty  of LawatChuoUniversity and received an LLM from Northwestern University in the U.S. He became  a  JapanesePatentAttorney in 1988 and, as an in-house attorney, he was responsible for securing  andprotectingintellectualproperty, including patents and trademarks, for the corporation. He  was involved in manylawsuits andevendeposed  as a witness for the company in Los Angeles. He  likes to travel and his interest inthespiritual worldledhim to Machu Picchu, Peru. As a certified  technical expert on olfactory sensory tests, he mighthavesmelledsomething of note there.

SHUNICHI UEDAreceived a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering at Waseda University. After  graduationhejoined Toshiba and worked in developing manufacturing control systems and  equipment formanufacturing LCD'sfrom 1984 to 2002. In October 2002, he joined our Electrical  Department, first working underthe direction ofMrFukuda. Despite a busy work schedule, he  passed the bar in 2006 and is nowManaging DirectorofourElectricalDepartment. He is also a  member of both AIPPI and APAA, attending the recent APAA annualmeetingsin HongKong and  Korea. He enjoys watching sports, especially soccer, travel and spending time with hispre-teenage  daughter.

JUNICHIRO YOSHIDA,  from Aichi Prefecture, graduated from the Engineering Department of  HiroshimaUniversity in 1995. He then joined Nippon Ham K.K. where he managed the food  productionandelectricalequipment. In 2000, he began work at Soga, mainly working on elevator  related cases. He becamearegisteredpatent attorney in 2009. Recently, he has been a regular  visitor to the zoo with his young daughter.

ICHIRO OOIgraduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Kyoto University in 1996  wherehemajoredin natural language processing at the Graduate School of Engineering. He then  joined IBM in 1998andworked as asystem engineer in charge of banking mainframe system  infrastructures, later joining us in 2004.Hepassed the barin 2010 and is currently concerned with  patent applications in the fields of software,mechanicsand electrics. Heenjoys tennis, skiing, social  dance, computer games and mahjong.

ASUKA KANEYAMAstudied Architectonics at the Tokyo University of Science before joining us in  2009.Despiteher heavy workload in our Mechanical Department, she passed the bar and became  a patent attorneyinApril2012. She enjoys reading historical novels, traveling and taking care of  her pet King Snake. Also, anavidbicyclistin her student days, she has recently taken up the pursuit  again.

NOBORU SUZUKIworked in a construction company for over 20 years on projects related to normal  roadways,expressways, airport runways, parks, etc. He joined our Trademark Department in  September 2012 andbecamearegistered patent attorney the following month. When he was a  child, he loved Sushi and worked in aSushiShopduring his days as a student. However, the Sushi  realm is steeped in tradition and the training severe.Besideslearning the trade he also learned a  few pointers about devotion to work and dealing with the customer.Althoughhe did not  continue  with his childhood dream, he still makes sushi treats for his family in the summer.

TAKAHIRO MATSUOKA  received a masters at the Engineering Research Department at Hokkaido  Universityin2002. He then worked at Panasonic Corp. until 2005 developing and designing  automotive equipmentbeforejoiningour Electrical Department. He passed the bar in 2012 and  was registered as a patent attorney in2013.Althoughhe played American Football in University,  he enjoys  skiing, scuba diving, travel and watching sports.